Well, in just over one hours time I shall be heading, with my family, towards Ludlow. Final destination will be the Feathers Inn where we shall be staying for the weekend. it is also the venue for our first ever Ludlow Family gathering, an event that is bringing together Ludlows and descendants of Ludlows from […]

I spotted this the other day on the Internet and thought I would try to determine who this lady was and which family line she ‘belongs to’. The item was from a South Wales newspaper. A quick check of the Ludlow Database showed that no one called Gladys Ludlow was born in 1913, so she must have […]

I have added the pedigree for a new Ludlow family (DUN – Duntisbourne Abbots) to the site at For those unaware, Duntisbourne Abbots is a parish very close to Cirencester and so is our third family line from that town. DNA testing of the CST line indicates a relationship to the KIN line. We […]

Until today I had assumed that the family line descended from William Ludlow (1781) of Carlton, Leicestershire – family line CAR – was extinct. However, I have discovered that Alfred Ludlow born 1891 in Birmingham, according to census returns,  was registered at birth as Henry Alfred. This has enabled me to find his marriage and […]

If you are planning to attend the upcoming gathering at Ludlow then may we request that you bring along any photos and documents that you would be happy to share with the group. It would really great if there was a good selection of items for people to view. Also a quick reminder that some […]

We have had two requests for information on Ludlows from canada. If anyone has information related to the following questions please share by adding in a comment and we shall ensure the requester gets the details (and if you wish we can put them into contact with you). “My cousin is Diane Dorcus Raymo and […]